Farm Environment Plans and Nutrient Budgets


MHV holds a nutrient discharge consent (CRC185857) on behalf on it's shareholders. 

This consent allows for an Audited Self-Management (ASM) approach which requires; 

  • Farm Environment Plans (FEP) (updated annualy) 
  • Nutrient Budgets 
  • FEP Audits 

The FEP process focuses on a range of management areas including but not limited to irrigation, nutrients, soils, effluent, point source, and water use excluding irrigation. 

MHV and Ashburton Lyndhurst (ALIL) collectivley own the FEP Dashboard which is has been approved by Environment Canterbury to meet the requirements of Schedule 7 of the Land and Water Regional Plan. 

Annual FEP updates are completed in the FEP Dashboard with the MHV Environment Team. 

Nutrient Budgets

The MHV Environmental Management Strategy requires nutrient budgets to be completed for the season prior to your FEP Audit. The nutrient budget is different from an FEP as it outlines more specifically the use of inputs and outputs as opposed to the management practices which are defines in the FEP. A nutrient budget is completed by;

MHV Water Ltd
326 Burnett St
Ashburton 7700

Phone: +64 3 307 8389